I do not know how you are, but the winter has not even begun really, the hobby and also gardening master cannot wait … What is happening in the garden of the year 2012, what new trends are there in the “Scene”, how can you plan your green paradise even easier and better, so that you gain tension and refinement on the one hand, but at the same time it becomes more and more easy to care for? Questions about questions…

An answer, of course, by many, can be the Jumbo grass hedge. Grass beds in it can be a real “eye-catcher“. Because of the structure of the leaves, the movement that one gets into the garden and also (we make it in any case usually) through the ground covering with stones of different colors and grain mixture, something self-sufficient, “different” and still very easy to care.

The reason why we are working with the jumbo grass hedge (botanically Miscanthus (sinensis) giganteus) in recent years has several reasons:


Gräserhecke mit Miscanthus giganteus
Grass hedge with Miscanthus giganteus

What else is going on in the new 2012 garden year?

Jumbo grasses in conjunction with natural stone and water in the garden, 2012 will also be one of the topics, as well as the ease of care mentioned at the outset continues as in the last years.

What will be in 2012 and especially in the garden? We also do not know, but look forward to your green paradise by the time something other than Smaragd-Thjue, hornbeam & Co – namely, the Jumbo grass hedge may lend!

Sunny greetings,


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