Many are currently asking themselves: What do we do best with our jumbo-makers before the winter or what can we do for them?

In the ideal case, the grass remains until spring (March, April) and is only then cut back to the ground. In order to protect it against kinking by storm and wet snow, it is recommended to bind individual plants together.


Of course, you can also cut the jumbo grass before the winter, but then you can do without some beautiful picture in the garden when the hoarfrost draws his pictures/goes through the country.

But what do you do after the cut with the grasses? A few can be cut small and given to the compost or the green ton, but larger quantities? If you have the possibility, then you chop the straws and get an alternative to the bark, which can be distributed in the beds or under bushes.

Also applies to most other grasses: tying in late autumn, cutting in March/April. There are exceptions, of course, for almost all Carex species (sedges). We would be happy to advise you personally by email and telephone, if there are any more questions!

Stefi Wassermann, DSG Mondseeland,

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