Miscanthus x giganteus in Gartengestaltung
Since winter 2013 you can order jumbo grass hedges free of shipping charges!

For a long time, we worked on it, thinking about it, calculating it and thinking about it, which would be the easiest for a jumbo grass fan for a plant order. Now we are ready: a strict calculation for packaging and shipping, ingenious logistics and many hours of headaches make it possible for her from now on FREE SHIPPING in Austria and Germany!

Also the Jumbo grass hedge is also available for gardeners, gardeners and resellers from now. Please contact us at info@jumbograshecke.com!

With this news for gardeners we are starting the New Year 2013 with full momentum and look forward to many orders and feedback from the plantings from the previous year or suggestions, what we could improve, from you! 🙂

Best regards, Reinhard Speer and the Jumbo Team

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