Dear Jumbo friends,

That not always everything has to run strictly, not even in the garden, show our latest spot about the Jumbo grass hedge. For months, we were working on it – special thanks to Darvinius Berar, who had a lot of patience creating this film, Conny Deravis, who gave a super actor as well as Gordon Hymus for professional, “original English” audition and not least Manfred Gaderer for his special music- Composition.

The result is an entertaining spot, which in the first 7 days inspired more than 3,800 people (!) on YouTube and was also shared over the borders by large portals. At this point I would also like to point you to our YouTube-channel. At you will always find new films about jumbo grass, grass bed and much more. There you can also be informed about the new videos via the button “subscribe”. Have fun and of course we are very happy if you forward the spot to your friends and acquaintances for viewing!

Reinhard Sperr, in February 2013


Petra Asen

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