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Elefantengras im SommerFor us gardeners, the difference between Miscanthus rhizomes and Miscanthus sticks is very clear. Well, and we forget that there are also people who deal with quite different things and therefore, of course, cannot know what the difference is. It is hidden not only in appearance and cost, but also in growth behavior during the first years after the planting of the Miscanthus.

Therefore we want to provide lighting and highlight the most important differences.



The Miscanthus sticks are the big siblings of the rhizomes. They are at least one year old planting sticks, comparable to shrubs or trees in pots or with bales. The rhizomes, on the other hand, are single roots without earth. Here is the comparison to fruit trees, which at certain times is available to buy root naked (without soil).

Because the sticks are older than the rhizomes, they grow faster in the first year. We offer 5 different stock sizes and therefore 5 different age groups, that means in the best case, the Jumbo grass hedge in the planting year is already 2.5m high and reaches the full height of 3-4m the following year.

Why it does not equal so high? As with all plants, the excavation is an intervention in the Miscanthus giganteus, which can damage roots and rhizomes. In the first year, a large portion of the energy is invested in the expansion to the new location. (Like with us humans, when we move to another location, then it takes time at first until we feel again completely at home). What the rootstocks still have to offer: you need less planting material per meter than the rhizomes. Even with 3 to 10 pieces you already planted the first meter. And as a matter of principle, it is nothing else but a more than one-year-old bale plant, there are many more eyes, which leads directly to denser sprouting.

The poles are particularly well suited to create a viewpoint in the garden, to surround the swimming pond or the biotope or to provide the terrace with some comfort.

Miscanthus rhizomes


The Miscanthus rhizomes, on the other hand, are, as mentioned above, root-pieces, cut out from the main root. They are the most cost-effective alternative to the plant root pieces; the first choice, if you want to create in example a jumbo hedge.

Depending on the size of the rhizomes one needs between 10 and 20 pcs per meter. The maximum height in the first summer is still 1.5 meters and despite planting in the offset, the Giant Miscanthus is anything but opaque. However, this changes in a very short time. As early as the third year, the grass reaches its full size of 3-4 m and forms a pleasantly loose yet dense hedge.
A common feature, however, have Miscanthus sticks and rhizomes: the larger you stick or rhizome chooses the fewer pieces you need per meter!

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