The latest from the house jumbo grass hedge!

This spring we offer you a very special product. The rhizomes of our jumbo grass hedge are now (finally) also to buy as seed band. This makes planting easy: simple and timesaving thanks to the pre-defined planting distance, now the Jumbo grass hedge can be realized.

Planting of the Jumbo grass seed band

As before each planting, it is necessary to select the right place in the garden for the hedge. The Jumbo grass hedge seed band is available in the lengths 1m, 3m and 5m. Depending on your needs, you can select the required meters and place the seed tape in the desired place in the garden. Of course, it is also possible to cut the band; a cut is simply possible between the rhizomes.

Ground preparation

Now, the bedding surface is at least separated from the seed area by the width of the spade, and the grass sod is then removed. To knock the earth from the soil and to put it aside, it will be used again. The lawn or meadows are fed into the compost or the green ton. Now about half a deepening depth of the spade loosens the soil, and the seed band is laid in the prepared bed.

Cover of the Jumbo grass hedge seed band

Then cover the seed-band with plant humus or a good garden-earth, place the soil on the bed, and press firmly. Now is still properly watered and then it is: Wait! In the next few weeks the first stalks will be showing up and from summer on you can enjoy your new jumbo grass hedge.Did you get the desire of gardening work and an alternative visibility protection hedge?

Then order it from our shop right now!


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