We were able to start a great action together with the “Salzburger Nachrichten” in Salzburg right now: Every (small and large) child coming to the publishing house

in Karolingerstraße 40 in the city of Salzburg on Saturday, April 20 is given a real jumbo root (rhizome) as a present. This can then be dug in the garden or planted in a large pot for example on the terrace. For all those who document the growth with a photo and send it to the “Kinderreaktion der Salzburger Nachrichten” (wuwawi, attn. Krixo martina.eisenstoeck@salzburg.com), there is also a surprise waiting.

To ensure that even the very big children (adults) do not have to be sad, we have of course also prepared for what: On 20th April from 10-12 am all Jumbo grass sticks Mini get half price and SN-Card owner additional 10 sticks Midi instead of 79.90 by 49.90 €. Even larger siblings of the jumbos will be there for those who want to call their own high jumbo grass hedge.

Attached to the print-fresh articles from the weekend edition: “Hello children, my name is Jumbo” … much deference!

Jumbo grass children’s action of the Salzburger Nachrichten

Reinhard Sperr, www.jumbograshecke.com in April 2013


Petra Asen

Beratung Jumbograshecke rund um Rechnungen, Lieferungen


07:30 – 17:30 Uhr