Sight protection hedge bamboo evergreen, fargesia murielae jumbo

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This Jumbo bamboo provides you with a range of benefits : its evergreen leaves provides perfect sight protection even in winter AND, unlike most other bamboo plants, is not causing annoying foothills .

Especially growing in shady places in the garden or under trees (supply of water!) makes Fargesia murelae Jumbo a very valuable appearance in your garden!

The diverse applications of this compact and bushy bamboo as a perfect, medium and evergreen sight protection, in grass beds as well as for solitary grass/for standalone and as a background, for example for garden ponds or pools will contribute largely to a perfect garden design .

Our Jumbo bamboo is available in the following bale sizes :
Midi: 10 – 20 cm diameter, 0,5 – 1 meter in the 1st summer, 6 pcs per running meter in a double row
Maxi: 20 – 35 cm diameter, 0.75 – 1.25 meters in the 1st summer, 5 pcs per running meter in a double row
Jumbo: 35 – 50 cm diameter, 1.25 – 1.5 meters in the 1st summer, 3 pcs per running meter in a double row

* All information approx.

Easy to order: Just enter the number of running meters and the desired bale sizes, ready!

Bamboo grasses originally come from the Asian region and can reach a height of up to 10 meters depending on the cultivation. The reason why many garden owners shy away from planting bamboo is due to the unwanted spread of foothills . A few species, like our Jumbo bamboo are forming nests and therefore can be used without reservations.

For our Jumbograshecke, we’ve focused on this middle bamboo species, because it can be wonderfully used as a perennial boundry, as sight protection fence or alternative hedge plant .

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