Plant container Napoli, clay look, 50 x 47 x 50cm

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Square plant container for sight protection on terrace & amp; balcony

The “Napoli” plant container is the ideal plant trough for bushy solitary plantings on your terrace/balcony!

The Terracotta look as the design of the plant container follows the design of the elongated plant trough “Pescara” and combines identical benefits: It enables simple handling due to its light weight, optically barely distinguishable from a real clay pot and offers more capacity for your grasses or other balcony or terrace plants. Besides, it offers 100% frost hardness!

Our tall grass hedges for sight protection placed on terrace and balcony as well as our solitary plantations of medium high varieties of grasses will find enough space in the long term and there is no need to water and fertilize them permanently, due to its large capacity.

Conclusion: The quadratic plant container Napoli achieves the impossible and is popular among all pot and trough plants!


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