Jumbogras mulch: Bark mulch substitute from Miscanthus, 70 Lt.

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Are you fed up with bark mulch?
Anti weed fabrics and garden foil out of plastic aren’t your preferred materials to prevent weed?

In this case we might have something for you…!

Our Jumbogras-Mulch is the perfect bark mulch substitute and offers you a variety of benefits: It doesn’t smell bad (even in wet environments), remains visuallyrestraint, lasts longer than regular bark mulch and substitutes any weed foil completely.

Applied as a 4-5 cm thin layer, this miscanthus is more suitable for all types of plantings: berries, roses, shrubs and perennials and spice and vegetable plants show greater tolerance for mulch from Miscanthus then the (much too often) used mulch from bark material. Logically, you can use the Jumbogras-Mulch for your Jumbogräser as well… 🙂

Once a year refill just a few centimeters and you will have protection from bothersome weed.

Conclusion: If you are looking for something other than bark mulch to cover your beds and weed fleece is not your preferred material, then Jumbogras-Mulch could be your right choice!

P.S. If you order a few sacks of this mulch, you will only pay around 10 € each sack – and nota bene: incl. shipping! 🙂


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