The Chinese grass Miscanthus Sinensis Strictus, zebra grass, and porcupine grass

Medium height, cheeky appearance – The curtain up for the zebra grass Miscanthus Strictus

The Chinese reed Miscanthus Sinensis Strictus is more common under the name Porcupine grass or zebra grass. These show transverse strips in the leaves, which look like as if someone had just applied them with a brush. It is our medium-fast and medium-high growing ornamental grass reaching heights from 1.25 to about 1.75 meters.

Like all Miscanthus species, the zebra grass Strictus also does not form any foothills, but grows slowly by forming nests in bridth and reaches a diameter of up to about 75cm.

Einzeln oder in der Gruppe gepflanzt. Dieses Miscanthus-Gras (Zebragras) ist ein Hingucker.
Zebra grass (Miscanthus Sinensis Strictus) for grass beds

Arranged in small groups or as hedge for sight protection that effect of its striated leaves is again underlined. This This Miscanthus blooms rather rare, it is certainly the leaf which is the most exciting part here.

Miscanthus sinensis Strictus thrives best in sunny locations with a translucent, fresh and humus rich and nutrient-rich soil. Plants located in penumbra are not getting quite as high and tight and the drawing of leaves is reduced as well. The hardiness of Zebra grass is good.

In beds, Miscanthus is planted as as single plant or in groups of 3 or in groups of 5. On terraces or on balconies, the Zebra grass can perform as a lower hedge for visibility protection , that is ideally planted in troughs, large flower pots or plant containers ideally with the appropriate planting soil for grasses . However, the Miscanthus been put in such planters is not growing quite as high as in a bed. . Heights of 0.75 – 1.5 m can be reached. In addition, adequate water supply and additional application of fertilizers must be provided. When using a fertilizer, an organic grasses fertilizer delivers best results.

Conclusion: As a medium-high hedge for visibility protection, in small groups in grass-gravel beds or even as an eye-catcher at a habitat or swimming pond – the zebra grass Miscanthus Sinensis Strictus turns every garden into perfect shape.

Miscanthus strictus mit Gartenzaun im Vorgarten
Bushy solitaire grass and zebra grass/porcupine grass behind a fence