Saucer for plant container Napoli, clay look, 47 x 47 cm


  • Passend zu Pflanzkübel “Napoli” 50 x 47 x 50 cm
  • Perfektes Ton-Imitat
  • Mit Untersetzer viel weniger Aufwand beim Gießen
  • Geringes Gewicht, sehr leicht zu heben
  • 100 % winterhart und gut UV-stabil
  • Macht das quadratische Napoli-Topfset perfekt
  • Versandkosten-frei in Österreich und Deutschland


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Product Description

The high-quality saucer for the Napoli plant container providing sight protection on terrace & amp; balcony

Clay look combined with the benefits of a plastic container: Light weight and no problem with frost.

The Napoli plant container’s suitable saucer has the dimensions 47 x 47 cm and is optimally color-matched with the planting trough.

Because of its massive appearance, this clay imitation can be hardly distinguished from a genuine clay saucer. Same time it is much more durable, especially concerning its frost resistance, and damages do not have a catastrophic impact as it usually happens with genuine clay.

The saucer makes it much easier to maintain your trough plants.

Especially with dry soil, the irrigation water will not flow down practically unrestrained, instead it can be absorbed by the grasses (or other plants as well). The saucer however, is not that high that the grasses are constantly standing in the water, for instance during rainy weather.

Absolute frost hardness is a prerequisite.

Conclusion: It is the saucer for the Napoli plant container which completes your square pot set for terrace & balcony!

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