Jumbogras-Seedband – Hedge plants made continually


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To plant a Jumbogras hedge is not so complicated per se. With our new “Jumbogras-Seedband – Hedge plants made continually” it is now really easy to do!

Shallowly remove grass sod, peel a few centimeters deep trench, insert the Jumbogras-Seedband and put soil on it again. After that, once poured on and perhaps with additional bark mulch substitute again Jumbogras-Mulch on top of it – finished!

Here is a more detailed planting guide for our Jumbogras seed band.

Conclusion: it has never been easier to plan a grass hedge with “Jumbogras-Seedband – Hedge plants made continually”

P.S. For our Jumbogras-Seedband – Hedge plants made continually we currently offer our bestselling Miscanthus x giganteus (elephant gras). Other varieties of our product range form only very small rhizomes (root pieces), which is why they are not particularly suitable.

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