Grasses planting soil for plant containers and flower pots, 50 Lt.


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This substrate for grasses to be used in plant containers, troughs , and in large flowerpots placed on a balcony and a terrace is structurally stable and is capable of storing much more water than ordinary flower or planting soil. In dryness phases, the stored water is then slowly returned to the grasses .

It consists of white peat and a high mineral content (approximately 30%) to keep it dimensionally stable . That means it does not collapse after a few weeks, but maintains the structure as far as possible.

In addition to white peat and the high mineral content, this planting soil for grasses contains green compost, original toresa , bark humus and clay as well as ground fertilizer for the first season.

You can also use our planting soil for other permanent plants such as perennials, shrubs and herbs placed on balcony and terrace !

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