Grass fertilizer Jumbograshecke 750 g in five-disk packs


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Feed your jumbo hedge to make it a real jumbo!

For this organic grass fertilizer we have come up with something very special:

100% natural raw materials for your grasses without the use of chemicals and easy to handle: 100 – 150 grams per 10 liters of planting soil using plant troughs or 150 – 200 g per meter of hedge/square meter of planting area. Gently incorporate the organic fertilizer and water well afterwards. Two fertilizer donations a year using trough plants and only once a year for planting surfaces such as grass beds or hedges

You can also use this organic fertilizer as an universal fertilizer for other plants!

Natural ingredients: Grape-seed grist, rapeseed grist, urgesteal meal, bone meal, horn meal, sugar beet molasses, edasil, marine algae, betonit, potato remedies and vinasse.

Nutrient composition: 4.6% N (nitrogen), 4.6% P (phosphorus), 0.7% K (potassium), approx. 55% organic substances;

You get 5 packs of 750 g of this high quality natural fertilizer starting from 29,95 € incl. shipping within Germany and Austria!

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