Our Jumbo grass in summer!

Jumbogras im dritten Jahr
Jumbo grass in the third year

We got in early July our Jumbo grass hedge from the May article. Since that time it has been grown up very pretty as evidenced and shown by the photo above.

Due to the good mixture of heat and rain, the Miscanthus is only shot upwards. They already form a proper visual protection and cannot be underestimated as a shadow donor. In the immediate vicinity of our jumbos, you can really relax on hot summer days and escape the heat.

Grasses generally gain in importance. A grass and stone bed alone brings tranquility into the garden. For this purpose are only mentioned garden grasses like (Calamagrostis), lamp cleaning grass (Pennisetum) and spring grass (Stipa) as examples. And in combination with water, Miscanthus and Co is not to be underestimated. In addition to many perennials and ferns, the many varieties of Miscanthus (Miscanthus), the Panicum (Panicum) or, in particular, the Sedges (Carex) are a wonderful use as accompanying plants for streams.

Miscanthus Malepartus
Miscanthus Malepartus

In our immediate environment, we offer the appropriate advice and, of course, execution, through our sister companies The Service gardeners. If you are a reseller, please ask for our current price list.

If you have photos of your plantings, please feel free to send us an email or via our Jumbo site on Facebook, which can be found at www.facebook.com/jumbograshecke. Just post your Miscanthus there and let others participate in your jumbo grass hedge!


Stefi Wassermann, DSG Mondseeland, www.derservicegaertner.at

Impression Jumbogras
Impression jumbo grass


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