New: Now for each order a Jumbo grass planting instructions

On many customer requests we have summarized again the most important points for the planting of Jumbo grass hedges on one sheet, because you are finally the best developers of our content website:

  • What is to be observed after the receipt of the Jumbo grasses?
  • How do you store the plants if you do not start immediately?
  • What is the best location for planting and how do you carry it?
  • What kind of care should be carried out in the course of one year?
Jumbograshecke aus Miscantus x giganteus
Jumbo grass hedge Planting Instructions 

Here are the links (you will find them normally in the FAQs) to the PDF’s, as well as to every order in print form.

Planting instructions Jumbo gras hedge

And for all those who want to use Miscanthus as an energy plant in agriculture, we have also created a little manual:

Planting instructions Miscanthus (only german)

Reinhard Sperr, & im März 2013

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