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Yes the spirits leaves Facebook…. we were initially also skeptical and therefore only two years ago we decided to create a Facebook page. What happened then, however, has surprised us all quite positively! Almost daily happens on www.facebook.com/jumbograshecke, like about

  • We or a user/customer post a photo, how this beautiful jumbo grass in the dawn…
  • Tips and tricks are given in short form and given up to date
  • It is strongly used as a platform for all kinds of exchange of opinions, of course also for criticism, suggestions and also praise, which is of course particularly welcome
  • Experiments with developments are documented
  • And beautiful snapshots of our jumbo grasses, which we or our Facebook fans post

Therefore, if you are not a “fan” of www.facebook.com/jumbograshecke, we would like to know that you would soon be able to get more information about these great plants and get you actively involved! Over 400 fans cannot be wrong, right?

Enjoy your jumbo,

Reinhard and the Jumbo team


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