Grasses for gardening

Grasses in the garden design – what is their value?

In classical as well as especially in the modern garden design one finds more and more frequently Grasses and/or bamboo. Nearly all year round they provide the special charm in the garden by their growth, the blossom, the partial special leaf and autumn coloration or the frost plays in the winter. They round off hard edges; loosen tight surfaces, and frame pools or the garden without narrowing them.

In planting buckets or troughs on terraces and balconies , they are both, decorative and visible protection at the same time, but without feeling “encased”. Due to their partially graceful growth, they appear loose and delicate, especially in light winds.

Also as a solitary plant in the garden, in small groups or even as replacement for a garden fence: Whether the ramie Miscanthus sinensis Large Fontain is planted in a shrub bed as a scaffolding plant, Miscanthus sinensis Strictus or as a lower sight protection fence (to keep curious eyes outside) or Miscanthus sinensis Malepartus with its beautiful autumn coloring in grass beds – The grasses perform well even in a plane planting und give the garden a special touch.

Miscanthus giganteus – our “small monster” in terms of size – is a perfect choice as a high-growing sight protection hedge or as background grass combined with swimming ponds or biotopes. Due to its taut, upright and nevertheless loosely acting growth, it gives the garden a certain clarity. Combined in accordance with large boulders, this very large giant Chinese reed can be used to realize a very special fence.

Sichtschutz-Pflanzung mit Gräsern Chinaschilf Miscanthus x giganteus
Miscanthus – Chinese reed as sight protection for the garden pool

Sometimes, however, you need an evergreen sight protection protecting one even in the winter from prying eyes yet does not make the garden completely constricted. Whether in the garden as a replacement of the classic Thujen hedge or on the balcony and terrace they invite you to sit outside the whole year round. For this purpose, the Bambus Fargesia murielae Jumbo offers the right features. An evergreen bamboo, which does not form foothills , but is growing clump-like in the breadth. Likewise Miscanthus it can be used without a rhizome barrier. This makes the application possibilities in a bed or in plant troughs very diverse.

Conclusion: grasses such as the listed Miscanthus species as well as the Jumbo bamboo have now become indispensable elements in the modern garden design, which once planted, no garden owner would want to miss it anymore!

You can continue here to the application areas for grasses for your garden design incl. the appropriate grass accessories:

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