Giant Chinese Miscanthus x giganteus

The giant grass among the Chinese reed species

Miscanthus x giganteus, the giant Chinese reed or also known as elephant grass or ramie, comes originally from Asia and will be 2 – 3,5m of height within a short time. Individually planted it forms a wonderfully dense grasses nest with a diameter of approx. 1 meter, in grasses groups or as grasses hedge it grows absolutely opaque within a short time.

Under optimal conditions, the final height will be reached in June. From time to time the giant Chinese reed also flourishes. The panicles appear from end of September /October and remain till winter, but aren’t the main ornament. Despite its height, the elephant grass is very stable and wind resistant. An early winter break, however, makes him struggle – due to heavy snow the straws lie down on the ground. This does not hurt the ornamental grass, it will get new shoots in coming spring.

Preference is given to a fully sunny (or medium sunny), moderately dry location. The soil should consist of humus, combined with adequate nutrial supply. Among all Miscanthus-grasses, the giant Chinese reed has less problems with an unsteady water supply in beds or in open land.

Of course you can put the ramie in correspondingly large planting buckets. In this case we recommend a safe supply of water, appropriate planting soil for grasses as well as a fertilizer supply twice a year in the form of an organic grass fertilizer.

The wide application possibilities of this grass besides its planting as hedge plants as well as in grass beds, and due to its stately height also as solitary grass or as standalone, as background e.g. for biotopes or pools make it an almost indispensable and valuable ornamental grass for a modern garden design.

Conclusion: If you want real jumbo grass for your garden, then you must buy the original! 🙂

We offer this largest among Jumbo grasses in the form of rather slowly growing root pieces as well as strong growing plant bales from the field.

Here you can choose the most the most suitable species of the Chinese reed Miscanthus x giganteus for your garden and simply order it online: