Elephant grass as a hedge

Because we are asked again and again: Is it possible to plant elephant grass as a hedge?? YES, this is the main reason why we made this site in 2010. On our energy plant page, which we are actually operating for farmers, we have always had classic “house garden owners” who have looked for an exciting, fast growing, opaque and if possible low-priced alternative hedge plant.

Demand for elephant grass as a hedge

Even if we are no hard-working business men and women, so much we have also understood: If the female customers would like to plant grass hedges from Miscanthus/elephant grass, then one should also be so clever and offer it, don’t they? 🙂

Thus, we made a few attempts at our company and also with our gardeners colleagues to see what such a grasses hedge looks like at all. Whether, as a sight protection (which is the main motivation of most customers) it can grow tight enough, how much care a Elephant grass hedge will require ans so on.

Here are a few pictures of these experiments with different Miscanthus grasses as a hedge:

As you can see, the planting experiments have been very promising, which is why we have decided to offer a species of grasses, namely the strong growing Miscanthus x giganteus, also known as elephant grass, as a hedge plant.

Elephant grass sticks for a hedge from the field

Finally, our “Killer-Arguments”, when it comes to where you should buy the elephant grass for your hedge :-). Too often we say it because it is self-evident to us, but not all of our grass-roots customers and female enthusiasts know that we raise all our Jumbo grasses in the field. This means that they are already several years old and correspondingly strong. Of course you can also plant a grass hedge from elephant grass from the garden center or conventional online shop. One can comfortably spend one or two years, until one has a received a really good visual protection fence made of grasses for its garden design and terrace. Only in exceptional cases, when our grasses from the field are finished, we also send grasses in the pot.

Fertig ausgetriebene Gräser-Hecke aus Elefantengras. Blickdicht und Pflegeleicht
It should look like on this picture, when it is finished. With our Jumbo sticks you can realize an elephant grass hedge already in the first summer!


We are already curious how many meters (or kilometers) of elephant grass hedges you are going to plant this year and thus contributes making our gardens a bit more colorful!!

We are looking forward to your inquiry, kind regards,

Reinhard Sperr,original article from 2012, updated 2017

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