Bamboo Fargesia Murielae Jumbo

Bamboo hedge for visibility protection – but evergreen!

Fargesia murielae Jumbo is a medium-speed and medium tall bamboo species that reaches heights of 1.5 to 2.25m in our region.

This bamboo scores especially for being evergreen which makes itself already very valuable, but forming nests as well. It means that this bamboo forms likewise Miscanthus no offsets and widens only to about one meter.

The bamboo Fargesia Murielae Jumbo prefers a partially shaded spot with permeable, fresh and humus rich soil as well as adequate water supply in winter. The information about the winter hardiness vary in some way, they range from about -16°C to -25°C, however, said bamboo survives winter quite well also at higher altitudes, such as in the Alpine foothills. Therefore, in the early years we recommend to cover the bamboo in the flower bed, for example, with a layer of straw (about 7 cm) and to place the planted containers (if possible) in the vicinity of the house on wood or Styrofoam and wrap with fabric or jute “on top”. IMPORTANT: Water supply must be available even in winter!

In Plant containers, large flower pots or troughs jumbo bamboo grows up to about 1.25 – 1.75 m in height. Like most container plants also bamboo needs to be provided with sufficient water and nutrients. That can be reached with the appropriate planting soil for grasses as well as with high quality organic fertilizer for grasses.

The intended purpose for this emerging bamboo grass in modern garden designs offers lots of varieties: As an evergreen sight protection hedge, as solitary grass in grass beds, combined with water elements in the garden and, of course, , in sufficiently large planters on terrace and balcony.

Conclusion: The bamboo Fargesia Murielae Jumbo is a grateful bamboo species that does not bother with offsets and is incredibly versatile in every garden!
The bamboo Fargesia Murielae Jumbo for the various fields of application in garden design can easily be ordered online here: