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Gardening master Reinhard Sperr works with his approx. 5-headed gardener team in the area of modern garden design and high-quality garden maintenance. Therefore, the Jumbogras got an important part of his business many years ago:

Gärtnermeister Reinhard Sperr
Reinhard Sperr, gardening master of Jumbograshecke.com

Garden customers no longer want to be fed off with one Thuja hedge and a dull lawn. Creative approaches such as berry garden, natural garden, water and natural stone in the garden as well as alternative ideas for traditional hedge and bedding plantings can be implemented with jumbo grass and are increasingly in demand”.

At the beginning, the online grass shop jumbograshecke.com was offering only one species of a standard hedge,  the strong growing Miscanthus x giganteus (Elephant grass, Chinese reed), which is also used as energy plant, the engaged gardeners expanded their online grasses offer in 2014 offering Miscanthus-sinensis-Sorten Malepartus, Strictus and Great fountain as well as as the nest forming Jumbo bamboo (Fargesia mureale Jumbo).

With this colorful selection of grasses in different heights, colors and blossoms the Jumbo grass team now offers its garden customers a wide range of applications for modern garden design with grasses: Sight protection hedges, Gräser für Terrasse und Balkon as well as species for grass beds or as solitary grass.

Gardening Master Reinhard Sperr and his team are available via telephone and email to answer all your questions concerning your garden design!

P.S. The popular Jumbograshecke is also available for gardeners and resellers. Please send your non-binding inquiry with subject Jumbo grass for resellers info@jumbograshecke.com