Chinese grass Miscanthus Sinensis Large Fountain

Stately height and attractive flower in perfect combination

The Chinese reed Miscanthus Sinensis Large Fountain is a stately grasses, reaching growing moderately fast a height of 1.75 to about 2.5 meters including flowering.

Like all forms of Miscanthus, the Great Fountain does not form offsets, but grows slowly forming nests in the width and reaches a diameter of up to about 80 cm. The flower appears from late summer, showing their beautiful blossom appearance until well into the autumn.

Dichte Gräser-Hecke als Sichtschutz mit Große Fontaine
Miscanthus Large Fountain leaf in detail
Like most Miscanthus grasses, the Large Fountain prefers a sunny location. It thrives even in partial shade, however, not quite as high and tight.

A transparent, fresh and humus soil with sufficient nutrients is preferred. In garden landscaping with grasses, this Miscanthus can be planted in beds at an individual position or in smaller groups with three to five plants.

Even in large flower pots and plant containers as visibility protection on terraces and balconies , this grass thrives in a magnificent way. Here it remains a little bit smaller, 1 – 1.75 meters and needs an adequate water supply as well as additional fertilizer. For that, it is most unique to use our organic fertilizer for grasses as well as the appropriate planting soil for grasses. Miscanthus Sinensis Large Fountain in the bed needs a relatively small amount of water, in hot summers we nevertheless recommend an supply of water to prevent the beauty of this grass from suffering. This Miscanthus ornamental grass has proved to be hardy.

Suitable as medium high hedge for visibility protection , in small groups of grasses in gravel beds, as well as for balcony & terrace or at least as an n eye-catcher at a habitat or swimming pond

Conclusion: The Miscanthus Large Fountain makes every garden a great figure!

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